Engineering Manager – Digital Marketing – KeepTruckin – Islamabad Pakistan

As an Engineering Manager for Digital Marketing, you will be responsible for leading a team of highly skilled and energetic developers to plan and parallelly execute on several marketing related dev projects such as marketing and email campaigns, company website and blog, user and campaign tracking, and provide technical assistance to Marketing and Business operations teams. You will be working with decentralized marketing and design teams and various other stakeholders and actors to understand their dev requirements and help convert them into implementable technical specifications. Your project planning, management and leadership skills will be paramount in the success of the team and greatly impact the overall image and outlook of the company.

Managing a team of 5-10 individual contributors
Be involved in projects roadmap planning in coordination with the Marketing and Design teams; do projects scheduling, resourcing and hiring
Carrying out weekly scrums, daily stand-ups and/or any other agile technique to manage team progress
Ensure strict dev quality guidelines to make sure the codebase is clean and modular and hence efficient to maintain and iterate upon
Growing the team by owning the hiring plan
Mentor and help engineers to plan and execute their career paths

A solid engineering background with at least 3+ years of web development experience, including core HTML/CSS/Javascript dev experience
3+ years experience managing a team of 5-10
Knowledge of Marketing engineering related platforms, tools, and techniques such as WordPress, Google Analytics, Optimizely, Litmus, webpage performance optimization, A/B testing.
Basic knowledge of email templates development and email clients constraints
Experience working with product management teams
Understanding and experience working with agile techniques and tools

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